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Experimental Technology and Science


The purpose of the association is to create and promote a community between technically and scientifically interested people.

The association is started by a bunch of enthusiasts who love mechanics, electronics and technological solutions. Some have a penchant for radios others for image processing and again others for programming for everyday use.

In other words, Experimental Technology and Science (abbrevated in Danish to ETOV) is an association of people who share an interest in the technology behind the devices and machines that surrounded our ancestors and those that surround us in everyday life today.

We emphasize open communication, where everyone has the right to have their say; but everyone follows the majority. However, some have a few extra responsibilities.

We work with technological and scientific theories in applied constructions on the practical level. It can be anything from mechanical constructions over electrical appliances, image processing to computer technology and programming. This can be a physical structure of components e.g. a capacitor, digitization of narrow films, programming of microcomputers for control purposes including IoT or repair of devices. Only your imagination sets the limit for what technology we are dealing with.

Whether you have a background with a long higher education or you have just dropped out of school does not matter. You just have, to have an interest in science or technology on the practical level and want to be inspired and spar with like-minded people.

Most important of all is that we have fun when we meet to cultivate our passion.


If you are interested, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact formula included in this web page.  Thank you.